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Tallit -> Classic Tallit -> Holidays White Kittel with Lace Design B

A kittel is a white robe worn in the synagogue on such major festivals as Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. The rabbi wears it, as does the cantor, the blower of the shofar, and male members of Ashkenazi congregations. Before a Seder dinner in traditional households, the leader of the Passover seder dons a kittel, and in Orthodox communities the bridegroom wears it at his wedding. Pious Jews use the kittel as a burial shroud.

Made of cotton and polyester.

Size guide:
Suit Size Kittel Size
34 or less Small
36-42 Medium
42-48 Large
50 XL
52 XL
54 XXL

ItemIDSize Price Amount
TA-KM-KTBSSmall (length X width):47.2" x 47.2"$36.0
TA-KM-KTBMMedium (length X width):48.8" x 51.1"$38.0
TA-KM-KTBLLarge(length X width):48.8" x 55.1"$42.0
TA-KM-KTBXLXL (length X width):48.8" x 59"$44.0
TA-KM-KTBXXLXXL (length X width):53.1" x 66.9"$46.0
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