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The company (Pe'er HaSTaM) is under the management of Yosef Belz, expert scribe, graduate of Yeshivas "Ateret Israel" of the Rabbi Baruch Mordechai and Yeshivas "Ma'alot Hatora" of the Rabbi Shmuel Orbach in Jerusalem.

Pe'er HaSTaM produces and markets Torah Scrolls, Tefillin (in every variety of script and custom: Beit Yosef, Ari, Sefardi, Chabad, Rashi, and Rabbenu Tam), Mezuzot and Megillot (scrolls of Esther, and other scrolls read in the synagogue) of the highest quality, kashrut, and fine style.

All the items are kosher and written on Klaf Shelil which have the highest quality and kashrut. Every purchase comes with "Mishmereth STaM" computer check, certification from certified "Mishmereth STaM" scribe (sofer) and a warranty. Our main scribe in charge of the kashrut is the Rabbi Yohanan Rubinstein who is certified by the Rabbis of Mishmereth STaM.

The main advantage is that we make the products ourselves, this way the customer gets the lowest prices.

Among our customers in Israel are "Rad Binat", "B.M.C Israel", "Paz" and many more. Pe'er HaSTaM also operates an Israeli website since 1999, named "Rubinstein Judaica" which sells Judaica over the Internet

Please feel free to contact us about any matter. All contacts will be reviewed & answered shortly.

Please feel free to contact us about any matter.
All contacts will be reviewed & answered shortly.

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